• N- CBZ-4-piperidinemethanol
  • N- CBZ-4-piperidinemethanol

N- CBZ-4-piperidinemethanol

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Light yellow liquid
  • N- CBZ-4-piperidinemethanol

Introducing High-Quality N-CBZ-4-piperidinemethanol

N-CBZ-4-piperidinemethanol is a valuable addition to our impressive catalog of chemicals. Its high-quality and exceptional properties make it suitable for numerous applications in various industries. It stands testament to our continuous endeavor to provide scientists and professionals with high-purity chemicals for their research and projects.


This chemical possesses the following key properties:

  • Molecular formula: C14H20N2O3
  • Molecular weight: 268.321 g/mol
  • Physical appearance: White to light yellow crystal powder
  • Solubility: Soluble in DMSO
  • Stability: Stable under recommended storage conditions


The key feature of our N-CBZ-4-piperidinemethanol is its extended usability across numerous fields such as:

  • Pharmaceuticals: The compound is recognized for its use in the development and research of new drugs and medication. It serves as a critical component in medicine formulation.
  • Chemical Industry: Its characteristics make it an important ingredient in the production of various chemical substances.
  • Scientific Research: It is extensively used in diverse scientific experiments and plays a vital role in new discoveries in the field of chemistry and science.

Quality Assurance

We, as a worldwide leading chemical supplier, have implemented strict policies to test and validate the quality and purity of N-CBZ-4-piperidinemethanol. Our skilled team follows a comprehensive protocol to ensure that our customers receive the highest-quality products. The results of the process are readily available in a detailed quality assurance report provided with every order.

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