• N-BOC-2-piperidinemethanol
  • N-BOC-2-piperidinemethanol


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  • N-BOC-2-piperidinemethanol

N-BOC-2-piperidinemethanol: A High-Quality Chemical Product

Welcome to our comprehensive guide where we will explore the world of N-BOC-2-piperidinemethanol. This detailed document will introduce you to this crucial chemical compound and unveil its significance, uses, properties, safety measures, quality assurance, and related details in an easy-to-understand way.

What is N-BOC-2-piperidinemethanol?

N-BOC-2-piperidinemethanol, often referred to as BOC-2-PIPERIDINEMETHANOL, is a specialized chemical compound. This specific base product, broadly recognized in scientific communities, forms an integral part of multiple industrial applications due to its distinctive attributes.

Properties and Features

This chemical holds the molecular formula: C11H21NO3, and a molecular weight of 215.29 g/mol. Its boiling point range and melting point range are dependent on various pressure conditions. Moreover, it is known for its clear, oily liquid appearance which further promotes its extensive utility.

Applications and Uses

N-BOC-2-piperidinemethanol is widely used in various pharmaceutical industries due to its impressive range of applications. This compound is a versatile intermediate that assists in chemical synthesis processes. Its applications further extend to the medical field where it is used as a potent ingredient in numerous drugs and medicines.

Safety and Handling

Our N-BOC-2-piperidinemethanol product strictly aligns with all safety and handling standards. It needs to be handled and stored in a well-ventilated environment, away from explosive materials and oxidizing agents. Protective clothing, gloves, and eyewear should be worn when handling this chemical.

Quality Assurance

We emphasize the utmost quality of our products. Our N-BOC-2-piperidinemethanol undergoes rigorous testing and quality checks to ensure high purity and optimum performance. Our production practices follow strict international protocols, ensuring you get the utmost value.


To conclude, N-BOC-2-piperidinemethanol is a compound with immense value. Its extensive usage in several industries, especially pharmaceuticals, makes it a crucial product. For high-quality and reliable N-BOC-2-piperidinemethanol, do not hesitate to contact us.

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